Perform Adhesion Bond Test for Films and Packages

Perform Adhesion Bond Test for Films and Packages

Adhesion Bond Test

The Packaging industry calls for heavy duty sealing agents and adhesives for securing their packaging quality. There are distinct types of adhesives which are used as per their requirement. And similarly there distinct test modes to quantify the bond strength of the adhesion material. It depends on your requirement of the test, the data you need to acquire from the test process.

Films and packaging layers are sealed and placed in to layers using distinct adhesives. The determination of the point at which the adhesive bonds fail to get attached with the substrate layer is vital to know. Therefore high-level of peel tests are conducted using Peel / Seal / Bond and Adhesion Strength Tester is a must.

The test equipment is used to conduct the bond strength measurement of an adhesive to the packaging film. It evaluates the amount of peeling force applied to a sealed package for opening the same. The Peel tester complies with ASTM D 903 international test standards. The testing equipment can pull the two ends of the packaging film to determine the strength. The test equipment is eligible to conduct the peel test at 180 degree angle and 90 degree angle test is also available on request.

Equipped with distinct fixtures to hold the films ends carefully and pull it in opposite direction. The applied force in performing the pull is calculated and recorded on the digital display screen. The travel length is given as per standards and over travel safety is assured with safety limit switches.