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Perform Peel Test to determine the Strength of Adhesives

There are many test methods that are used to measure the strength of an adhesive including tensile test, shear test or peel test. Peel tests are the most common test procedure performed on labels, tapes, coatings & other bonded materials. There are different types of peel test such as 180-degree peel test, 90-degree peel test, etc. 90 Degree Peel Test or 180-degree peel test are commonly used where flexible materials such as adhesives and tapes. The test can be performed using a high-quality testing machine known as Peel Strength Tester.

Principle of Peel Test

The fixtures of peel tester provide a specific condition of use to measure the bonding strength between the laminated coating and substrate on which it is pasted and their rigid base. To perform the test using Peel Tester, firstly the laminates are peeled off partially from the base material. The medium layer is then inserted into the fixed fixture and free ends of the sample are inserted into the movable fixture. The grips are then moved in the direction of tensile in order to peel off the laminated part from the base substrate. The force which is required to peel the lamination can be monitored by the digital panel that provides a direct measurement of peel or bond strength.

Presto Stantest offers high-quality of Peel Strength Testers with several features with the digital and computerized display to fulfill the requirements of a large number of customers at the single point of time. The instrument offers precise test results as it is designed as per the standards ASTM D429 – 14, ASTM D903.

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