Test the Bond Strength Between Substrates with Peel Test

Test the Bond Strength Between Substrates with Peel Test

Peel Test is one of the best testing techniques that are performed in packaging industries to test the bond strength between two substrates such as adhesive tapes, BOPP tapes, laminate films and many more. Both the substrates on which peeling test is performed can be flexible in nature or one can be flexible and other can be rigid. The adhesive material itself has a thin layer of sticky material on a piece of tape which is used to stick the substrate on the steep plate.

Why do manufacturers Perform Peel Test?

The basic purpose of performing the peel is to examine the strength of adhesive materials and to compute the bond strength of two substrates that are joined together with the help of an adhesive material. The adhesive strength between the substrates is known as the stickiness of the material as it helps to make the material resistant to separation after the adhesive is applied on their surfaces. This is ultimately used to create strong bonding strength between the two substrates. The adhesive materials are used in almost all production verticals to fulfill the purpose of packaging. The layer of adhesive is also used in laminated sheets, pamphlets, stickers, and similar items. The peel test is performed using high-quality of Peel Strength Tester.

Different kinds of Peel Test Performed for Different Applications

Most common types of peel test which are used to measure the adhesive strength of the materials are 90-degree peel test, 180-degree peel test and T – type peel test.

  • T- Type Peel Test – The t- type peel test is similar to that of tensile test which is performed on two flexible substrates that are stick to each other are clamped in the peeling grippers in such a manner that one substrate is clamped on upper grip, another substrate is clamped in the lower grip, and adhesive layer is stick horizontally which totally makes a T shape set up.
  • 90- Degree Peel Test – This type of test required 90-degree fixture and performed on adhesion strength between two types of materials i.e. flexible tape and rigid metal plate wherein the rigid plate is kept horizontally, and the gripped end of the tape is stuck up perpendicularly to make an L-shape structure.
  • 180 Degree Peel Test – 180-degree test is quite similar to that of 90-degree test except that the bonded area between the plate and tape lies vertically between peeling grip and the free end is gripped by the bottom to make U-shaped

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