MFI – Modern Way to Analyze Polymers

MFI – Modern Way to Analyze Polymers

How can the quality of polymers be determined?

The quality of thermoplastic materials can be evaluated by utilizing best and modern ways of analysis such as Melt Flow Index, Melt Volume Rate, and Melt Flow Rate. Some of the materials that can be evaluated using MFI tester include Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Polyamide (nylon), Polycarbonate, Polyester and other Polyolefin. This test can be performed easily using high-quality of testing instrument i.e. Melt Flow Index TesterClick to read in detail about MFI testers. The instrument is designed as per the standards ASTM D 1238 and ISO 1133-1. An MFI sample test makes the sample capable enough of melted. A single MFI determination requires about 10 grams of material. The granules are then filled in a heated barrel and poked using a plunger. The device provides the melted plastics. It is a very valuable test which is performed to assure the quality of the products.

Why is MFI test performed?

MFI test is performed for:

  • Making comparison between good and bad samples.
  • Differentiating materials on the basis of grades.
  • Batch to Batch comparisons.
  • Determination of material’s nature at the time of processing, transportation, storage and drying.

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