Measure Wall Thickness of Pet Bottles with Magnamike 8600

Measure Wall Thickness of Pet Bottles with Magnamike 8600

In food industries, manufacturers always think to offer fresh and hygienic products to the customers. It is the duty of the manufacturers of the food industry to take care of the health of the people by providing a high quality of products. It means that food industries play a vital role in the well-being of the population. The major property that influences the quality of the food products is the packaging material which is used to pack the products. Good packaging makes the products more hygienic and safeguards the products from bacteria and other environmental factors.

Need of PET Products


PET products are widely used in food beverage industry to provide quality packaging to the products. They are best-suited packaging material that saves the food and drinks from non-reactive and non-toxic compounds and provide safety to the products that are packed in the containers.

Factors Affecting Quality of PET Bottles

To provide a highly protective layer to the products, it is necessary that the PET materials like plastic Bottles and containers are of best quality. The manufacturers of PET products need to use proper quality assurance testing equipments to ensure the quality of the PET Bottles and Containers. The primary characteristics of the products are to measure the thickness of the bottles that provide the product safety. To gauge the thickness of the containers, it is important to measure the thickness of the walls using wall thickness Gauges.

Magnamike – For Wall Thickness Measurement

To perform the same, Presto Stantest offers high-quality wall thickness gauge known as MagnaMike 8600. The instrument provides highly accurate test results. The device works on the principle of the Hall’s effect and provides non-destructive testing to check the thickness of the walls the PET Bottles.

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