Measure The Leak Integrity Of Pet Bottles Using Best Vacuum Leak Test Systems

Measure The Leak Integrity Of Pet Bottles Using Best Vacuum Leak Test Systems

The Ideal Packaging product which is used nowadays in every production vertical is PET Bottles. The PET bottles are best instruments that are used for packaging of the products like health supplements, beverages, carbonated drinks, chemical, medicinal compounds and many more. The PET Bottles are used to pack all these type of products as they protect the products from various external factors like air contaminants, dust, etc. and also from spillage. Apart from this, the major requirement of packing these products safely is to use leak-proof packaging products as PET products are used to pack most of the liquid products that can be spilled off easily. This leakage integrity of the PET products can be tested by using best Vacuum Leak Test Systems. This test makes the PET products leak proof.

The vacuum leak test procedure is the best test method that can be performed using high-quality of vacuum leak test systems. Vacuum Leak tester is the best testing equipment which is used to check the leakage integrity of the PET Bottles.

Working of Vacuum Leak Tester

To test the leak integrity of the PET bottles using Vacuum Leak Tester, place a sample of the bottle in the vacuum producing a column of the instrument. Set the sufficient amount of pressure in the column. After this, analyze the specimen for any sort of leakage. This can be judged by the bubble formation in the bottle. The instrument is widely used in the testing laboratories of PET and Preform industries to test the leakage integrity of the bottles.

Presto Stantest is the renowned manufacturer of high-quality vacuum leak test systems that are provided to offer high-quality results. The instrument is designed keeping in mind all the national and international test standards.