Make PET Bottles Leak-Proof

Make PET Bottles Leak-Proof

Make PET Bottles Leak-Proof

Use of PET Bottles

PET bottles are considered as the best alternative to serving the purpose of packaging in various production sectors.  These products are used to fill chemicals, food products, pharmaceutical products, carbonated drinks and many more. The safety of these products is of great importance for the manufacturers. As the food products and pharmaceutical products are directly consumable products, the safety of these products depends on the quality of these PET bottles and containers. Therefore, the manufacturers in PET industries are responsible for the security of the packed products and must offer the best level of safety and hygiene to the products. Hence, the manufacturers must use only best quality of packaging products to safely pack the consumable products.

Air Leak Detector – To Measure Intactness of PET bottles


The manufacturers need to test the quality of PET products using high-quality of testing instruments. One of the best testing machines that ensure the safety of the products is Vacuum Leak TesterConsult our experts and know more about the product. This tool is used to test the quality of the PET products to make the PET bottles leak proof. With the vacuum leak detectors, the test specimen is subjected to the vacuum pressure to measure its intactness. The instrument is used for PET bottles and pouches and ensures the safety of the products that are packed inside.

Use of Leak Detectors in Industries

Leak detectors are used in different industries such as:

  • Beverage
  • Chemical and cosmetic
  • Food Packaging
  • Personal Care, Household, Automotive & Industrial Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Automotive

Leak Detection Techniques & Equipment

There are numerous ways that are used to inspect any kind of leakage in the PET products. The leak detection techniques that are used in manufacturing industries are:

  • Pressure decay: This method is used after the bottle is pressurized and sealed to measure the pressure which is exerted in the bottles after refilling of carbonated drinks. This test method helps to measure the resistance of the bottles in high pressure.
  • Vacuum decay: For some selected applications, a vacuum is used in place of pressure. The most typical application is a case in which it is desired to detect a sidewall which usually collapses in the container under a specific amount of vacuum.

Improve Quality to Protect Brand Image

Presto Stantest manufactures state-of-the-art air leak detection equipment by utilizing sophisticated testing technologies that help to ensure the customers of premium quality. Leak testing of plastic containers is widely accepted industrial practices that protect the products from leakage and best for manufacturers and end users both.

Leak testing is a high-quality and widely used functional test that helps to ensure that the containers will hold pressure and will not cause any kind of leakage in the container. In addition to this, leak testing also verifies that product integrity will not be affected due to oxygen, moisture, and any material to leak in.

Benefits of Air Leak Detection Test

Leak detection test which is performed on plastic containers also helps to support various market trends such as light-weighting, zero defects, enhanced recycles product content, etc. The testing strategy strictly monitors the production process of containers and provides early warning of the defects before containers are packed, shipped or warehoused. The testing method protects the products from random issues that cannot be detected at the time of product sampling.

Solution by Presto

The leak detection systems help to ensure the integrity of the empty containers that are produced in bulk for different manufacturing units. Presto Stantest deals in designing and manufacturing of high-quality of leak detectors that are used in PET and Packaging industries to test the integrity and vacuum of packaging materials. The instrument strictly designed as per the standards that are provided by various standardization authorities. The instrument offers high-quality results. To know the technical specifications of the product, visit our website.