Make Rubber Products Resistant To Cracks

Make Rubber Products Resistant To Cracks

Rubber products are used in different production verticals to fulfill the requirement of various applications. Along with the industrial usage, rubber is also used for many domestic applications. The major application where rubbers are used is footwear. The high-quality of footwear is always in demand and customers only want to buy the best quality products when it comes to the level of comfort and fashion. It is the duty of the manufacturers in footwear industries to ensure that the products that they provide to the customers are best in terms of quality.

Major Quality Issue with Rubbers

The major quality issue that arises with the footwear is the sole of the footwear that are subjected to continuous flexing. The flexural forces on the surface of the footwear’s sole cracks very easily. If the manufacturers do not address this problem, this can be a major quality flaw for the footwear. It is necessary to test the ability of the rubbers that can survive the severe flexural forces and resist the development of cracks and other quality defects on the surface.

Highly Effective Testing Instrument

The De- Mattia Rubber Crack Tester is highly efficient and useful testing instrument which is used to test the quality of the materials and evaluates the ability of the rubbers to resist the effect of flexural forces. The testing machine produces horizontal flexing on the material and makes changes in the physical properties of the materials.

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