Make Packaging Material Puncture Free Using Right Test Apparatus

Make Packaging Material Puncture Free Using Right Test Apparatus

The puncture resistance is a property found in flexible packaging materials. In several applications, the packaging coat is more prone to damage by penetration that leads to loss of barrier properties, package integrity and product attractiveness. To analyse the mechanism of puncture in flexible laminates, this property plays an important role. Although various methods have been formulated to describe the puncture failure of several types of systems like thick laminates or reinforced composite structures, these methods are of limited use for flexible packaging materials.

Applying load using hard, sharp or angular objects is crucial for packaging materials. So, it is important to understand the puncture resistance of films which is used as packaging material for food or for parts with sharp edges. To conduct the test, you should prefer Puncture resistance tester.


Puncture strength tests are used to identify the puncture or rupture characteristics of a material. A compressive test where the material is compressed by a probe or other type of device till the material breaks or till an elongation limit is reached. Puncture testing determines the strength of a material like rubber, film etc. It is used in the food processing industry to identify the texture of ripeness of a product. The test is also applied in the medical field to identify the sharpness of a syringe or blade to measure the resistance and softness of synthetic skin.

The Puncture Tester has a pendulum on the end with a curved arm making 90 degree arc. At the top of this curved arm, you can find a pointed steel head in the shape of a triangular pyramid with rounded edges. The sample to be tested is clamped between two horizontal plates that have a circular opening of a standard size to let the passage of the puncture point to pass. The pendulum is elevated and held which allows the pendulum to swing through its arc upon release and carries the pointed head through the test sample. The digital monitoring system is used to indicate the amount of energy soaked up by the sample. The pendulum energy is changed by providing auxiliary weights that change the capacity of the instrument.


Presto Puncture resistance tester is one of the highest quality testing machines to provide you with the best testing mechanism that adheres with all the required testing standards.

Some of the features are:

  • It is equipped with an oscillatory pendulum release mechanism
  • Puncture head collar with soft adjustment to puncture the head base
  • Bright LED display
  • Single handed operation