Increase Heat Seal Strength of Plastic Films in a Standardised Way

Increase Heat Seal Strength of Plastic Films in a Standardised Way

 Heat Seal Strength of Plastic Films

In the world of competition, manufacturers of packages and products are under tremendous pressure to satisfy the demands of customers. These demands can be lowering of prices, enhancing performance and environmental attributes.  The material selected by the manufacturers to be used in its packages and products influence its ability to remain competitive.

Uses of Hot Tack Tester for Plastics

1. Seal Performance – Plastic films in many areas have helped manufacturers to meet the requirements in varied marketplace demands by enabling them to do more with less. Plastic films are used in a wide range of products and packages. The use of plastic films has increased over time. According to sources available, only 8,690 million pounds of plastic is used to manufacture film in the ’90s. It increased to nearly 19 percent, to 10,375 million pounds. In rigid packaging, a 16 ounce soft drink container can be made with only 30 grams of plastic whereas the same size container would require 200 grams of glass. It shows that less packaging is required to make a package when a manufacturer uses plastic instead of glass. Hot tack tester is effective testing equipment which can perform hot tack and heat seal performance of laminated films, plastic films and various other packaging products.

2. Exposure to oxygen – A good package helps to preserve products. For instance, the film around meat elongates the product’s life beyond what it would be in a case at the butcher shop. The plastic film used to package cheese, bakery goods and fresh vegetables preserves the products inside as the exposure to oxygen reduce their lives.

3. Adhesive Strength – Peel off tester evaluates the adhesive strength of packaging films used to heat seal packaging material. The testing of various types of thermoplastic films sealing at distinct temperature, speed and pressure to measure various application criteria to package materials in environmental conditions for real application. It can also test the tension, peel and shear strength of the items like adhesive tapes, papers, and similar flexible products.


Working Principle

Hot seal strength tester works on the principle of two test samples that are aligned and overlapped. Clamp one end in clips, two samples each spread over the upper side and lower side of impact bar and pass through the hot tack entrance. The heat sealed two samples are stretched quickly to the impact bar and forced off by the impact bar. The force value is the measuring value measured in N.

Presto Hot tack tester contributes to providing accurate adhesive quality of flexible materials like peel, tension, shear and many more. The Peel off tester is used in several applications.