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Perform Ash Content Analysis of Plastic for Research Study

The Plastic material is composed of both organic and inorganic particles. Their composition variation is what makes the material give out its required properties. For instance and elastomer which is supposed to be flexible in nature on exerting, pressure must contain a specified amount of inorganic and organic substance to be the way we want it. The amount of inorganic material can only be known by using the Ash Content Analysis of Plastic material inside a Muffle FurnaceThis test method is widely used in the lab and research centres for studying and innovating in the plastic properties and features.

The test chamber is specially designed for performing ash test on Material for research purpose or quality control test. It can calculate the amount of ash present in the material. Suitable for testing elastomer and other plastic substances. The chamber is available in a bench-top model and is very easy to use. It can be placed easily inside a research lab or quality test centre. It is utilized widely in plastic industries for estimating the amount of inorganic compound present in a plastic material.

To perform a precision based Ash Content Analysis of Plastic, the equipment is equipped with a J type sensors which are designed using the latest technology and detect temperature changes accurately. The chamber allows distributing a uniform temperature throughout the inside environment for an even testing. Highly advanced PID control system is installed to maintain the temperature in the test procedure. The control system comes with an automated tuning system for high-level calibration. With a higher amount of density, special glass wool blanket insulation is provided in the chamber. This ensures zero heat loss and complete efficiency in the test process.

SSR based heater is equipped in the machine which delivers rapid and efficient heating for ash assessment. The display screen is constructed using the latest microprocessor-based technology which smartly displays the temperature values on the screen instantly. One can see the display screen at the time of running test too. Along with that, it has a 7 segment LED visual for a clearer observation. It delivers an accuracy of ± 5 Degree Celsius. This amount of accuracy is considered to be ideal for performing the repeatable testing process. The chamber temperature ranges from Ambient to 900 Degree Celsius. In case the operator requires a higher version they can request for 1200 and 1400 Degree Celsius chamber. The outer body material of the chamber is made using Mild steel and the inner body is composed of Ceramic brick.

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