Improve Polymer Resistance against Xenon Weathering Effects

Improve Polymer Resistance against Xenon Weathering Effects

Polymer material, components or parts are used in a wide array of industries. They have domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Among these, they have indoor as well as outdoor roles. When a polymer material encounters direct sunlight, heat, rain and other types of weathering conditions, they tend to deform and crack due to damage. These conditions often shorten the working life of a product.

Therefore, implementing steps to improve the resistance capability of such plastic material, which will be exposed to outdoor conditions, is very important.

Xenon Weathering Test Chamber is an environmental chamber which simulates real-life weathering condition in a laboratory. It predicts the resistance of a polymer substance when it encounters harsh environmental situations for long. The chamber can estimate year-long damage within few hours of test. It is also known as accelerated weathering chamber due to the facility of speeding up weathering process.

Equipped with dual source light feature including Fluorescent lamps and Xenon lamps. Among these two, xenon is widely preferred source for weathering test of polymers in industry. This is because, they are used to ascertain the actual working life of a polymer substance. The lamps are filled with xenon which imitates the effect of direct sunlight. It delivers stable distribution of spectrum. This helps in testing a polymer material for its resistance to crack or damages when kept in direct sunlight for years.

With highly advanced HMI based touch screen control, the chamber is very easy to operate. One can set testing parameters such as heat, light, temperature, duration etc. Repeatable test cycles are allowed which delivers high level of accuracy in test data. The equipment is supplied with user manual and conformance certificate, traceable to NABL. The design and manufacturing of the chamber complies with multiple national and international testing standards.