Important Equipment For Microbiology Laboratories

Important Equipment For Microbiology Laboratories

Important Equipment For Microbiology Laboratories

Microbiology equipment is a vast range covering all kind of essentials used in a microbiology lab. This branch of science primarily deals with the study of microorganisms, their life, their multiplication process, their impact on human life and so on. In certain industries, techniques used in microbiology are used for maintaining the quality of products. E.g. in consumables, there should not be any contamination in the end product. And, if there is any contamination, the managers should know how to deal with it. But their priority is not to let microorganisms grow in the environment at the first place.

Prime Equipments Required in the Lab

BOD Incubator

Biochemical Oxygen Demand Incubator is used for analysis purpose. To understand the behaviour of the microbes, the first step is to multiply them in a controlled manner. This incubation chamber provides an ideal temperature for their growth. The usual temperature of incubation is around 37°C. However, there are certain microbes that grow rapidly in the low-temperature range. This machine can work on quite a wide range of 0°C to 60°C. Equipped with a thermostat, it maintains a constant temperature. Presto offers a programmable chamber for error free temperature settings can be done for the required time period. If required, moisture can be generated by placing a beaker of water in the chamber.

Hot Air Oven

This chamber is primarily used for dry sterilisation of the equipment in the lab. Disinfecting the equipment is very important, as microbes cannot be seen with naked eyes. What looks cleans is not necessarily clean. To avoid any contamination of samples using infected utensils, it becomes imperative to dry sterilise them using hot air oven. Presto provides this machine with high-quality parts. Equipped with German fans and excellent heaters, this equipment is made to work for 8 hours cycle.

Laminar Air Flow Bench

This machine is very important part of any microbiology lab. It helps in keeping the contamination at a bay. To prevent particle sensitive samples from any type of adulteration; this chamber is built carefully without any joints to avoid the formation of the spores at the junctions. Presto’s Laminar air flow bench is equipped with HEPA-filtered work area to supply particle free and bacteria free air. This is one of the best chambers to preserve the samples in the real form. It is made up of stainless steel, for maintaining a clean environment and increasing the shelf life.

Apart from microbiology labs, these equipment are implemented in industrial applications as well. Especially, hot air oven; as it has a temperature range from ambient to 250°C, it is used widely to assess the quality of raw materials when exposed to heat.