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Prime Necessity for Contamination Free Biomedical Labs

The industry of Health care trust upon the clinical research labs. It has further many categorizations which are dedicatedly moving towards distinct sectors such as pathological studies, microbiological studies, and haematological studies. Doesn’t matter what is the objective, every lab requires to keep the environment contamination free to obtain the best results.

Some industries such as who are dealing into beverage production have their own research labs to observe the contamination property in their products. However, few industries trust upon the third party solutions to perform the required research and testing procedures. Other than health related industries, biomedical research labs, material testing labs are also very important for the Food & Beverage industry.

As we know, that setting up a new biomedical lab is a costly thing to do. Hence, it is vital to assess the importance and role of instruments prior the money investment. In this post we will be reading more about the major need of labs worldwide, i.e. Laminar air flow chamber. The HEPA is a short form of High Efficient Particulate Air. The filter of the chamber is constructed in such a way so that it can easily stop the entry of very small sized air particle.

The filter has a capacity of stopping near about 99.97% of dust particles having a size up to 0.3 micrometres. A UV germicidal lamp is utilized basically to decontaminate the chamber. It is always suggested to take suitable safety measures while utilizing the lamp as UV rays are harmful to the humans. The lamp is placed within the chamber and keep it close for a particular time period.

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