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Important Applications of Water Bath

water bath is a testing cabinet which is used in many industries and laboratories. This container’s main substance for testing the specimen is a heated water. The samples are kept inside them to test their behaviour in rising temperature. This machine has very distinct applications. It is utilized in biological labs to incubate sensitive samples which are unable to be kept in direct dry heat.

There are kept in the incubation period in this machine for a long time period. Like all other machines, water bath has two sorts of control. Either they offer digital controls or they are operated manually. Whatever the controls are offered they are always used to manage the testing parameters like the temperature and time etc.


Other than incubation the chambers are used for reagent or chemical heating up, they are used to melt the substrates, they are used to incubate the cultures of plant cells. They are also utilized to conduct high rated chemical reactivity which requires rising temperature but not dry heat or direct ignition.

A Digital Water Bath which is offered by Presto is available in a shape of a rectangle and is very much robust. The entire body is coated very precisely to avoid any corrosion by the air. It also offers a motorized stirred which can rotate the warm water so that the temperature does not stay at one place always. The machine offers digital control and is very accurate in providing the results in digital format. This is the best instrument when any reagent or sample you need to test need a high-temperature environment but not a dry heat like offered by ovens and not the direct heat by fire. As some chemicals are very sensitive towards these conditions. They tend to combust in dry heat or direct heat.

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