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Identify Water And Flash Marks In Preforms For Best Quality Of Pet Bottles

PET Product comprise of a huge chunk of total packaging used in different industries all across the globe. The PET bottles are used for the purpose of the packaging of products like food items, sauces, beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. The PET bottles are used for these products they are stronger, easily available and are designed to provide the best level of safety to the products. The PET bottles are also available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors which helps the manufacturers in the branding of their products. Another major reason for the huge preference of PET bottles is that they are very economical to produce.

The producers of the PET bottles have a great responsibility of quality assurance of the PET bottles they produce as these bottles are responsible for the hygiene and safety of the products. The PET manufacturers must use proper testing equipments and procedures to identify various quality defects in the PET bottles and preforms.

The preforms are the base of blown bottles. Hence, the manufacturers also need to check the quality of the preforms thoroughly to ensure the best quality of the PET bottles. There are many sorts of defects such as water marks. Flash marks etc. that lead to bad quality of the preforms hence pet bottles. The manufacturers must check the water and flash marks in the preform and identify them to assure the best quality of blown bottles. The Polariscope strain viewer is one of the best instruments that is helpful in identifying the quality defects in preforms and ensuring that only the best quality preforms are blown into PET bottles.

With the help of Polariscope strain viewer, the manufacturers can easily enhance the quality of PET bottles and increase trust between them and their clients.

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