Test Stress Cracking Resistance of Plastic Water Containers

Test Stress Cracking Resistance of Plastic Water Containers

Polymer material, components or products tend to develop crack under prolong tensile stress. Parts used in water containers are stressed and moulded. They face a constant tensile pressure for a lifetime due to their shape. Meanwhile, they also encounter, high and low temperature, carry cold and hot water or any liquid. In such conditions, it is very easy to develop and crack after a period of time. However, a good quality material must deliver the maximum validity of its resistance towards tensile stress. To assure product quality, manufacturers must opt the right test solution such as Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance Tester.

ESCR is a precisely designed test unit constructed to inspect the physical modifications in plastic material under environmental stress. It helps the user to inspect the actual working life of the material. The design complies with ASTM D1693-15.

The Tester equipped with motorized stirrer to deliver uniform heating efficiency. PID Temperature control assures accuracy. Advanced-mode digital microprocessor-based program control which provides precise test data in numeric format on a Bright LED screen. The digital screen allows user to manage Set Value (SV) and Process Value (PV). Inbuilt Auto-tuning feature available. Instant heaters are installed to deliver faster processing. Excess water drain system also a part of the device.

Inbuilt Calibration facility is present to set the equipment as per company test requirement. Multiple Test tubes with fixture to keep samples inside the tank. Other than that, various instruments offered to prepare the specimen as per standard method.

The plastic specimen is cut out using a sample cutting die and is pierced. It is bent to a particular angle with Bending Tool and fixed on aluminium fixtures. These fixtures are then placed in the testing tubes and sealed with a cork. The tube is kept inside the cabinet for a fixed duration of time. Test parameters can be set and results are seen on screen. Sample conditions will be inspected visually.

Inside the chamber, the specimen is exposed to heat which constantly delivers extreme conditions while it is under tensile stress on bending. It is to be seen that till how much time the sample can withstand such condition and do not crack. Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance Tester is a renowned testing instrument among a wide variety of industries. Not only it delivers quick test process but highly accurate and standardized results trusted everywhere.