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Best Instrument For Finding Defects In Clear Drinking Water Bottles

Packaged drinking water is a huge industry all across the globe. Most of the people nowadays, prefer to use packaged drinking water as compared to normal supply water. The packaged drinking water is considered to be the purest form of water available for use. One of the fundamental factors that contribute to the quality and purity of the packaged drinking water is the clear PET bottles used for packaging. The PET bottles provide the best level of safety to the water by keeping it away from any sort of external factors such as dust, contaminants like microorganisms, etc. For the best safety of the packaged water, the PET bottles need to be of the best quality so that the water could be protected in every storage and transportation condition.

One of the major issues that are faced by the producers of the clear PET bottles is “how to identify defects in clear drinking water bottles?” The best solution to ensure defect free and best quality clear PET bottles would be to ensure that the Preform used for blowing of the bottles is completely free from any quality or visual defect.

To test the quality of the Preforms, the Polariscope strain viewer is one of the best testing equipments. The instrument allows the users to study the Preform specimen under polarized light and help them point out the effective pieces before they are blown. In this way, the defective preforms are taken out from the lot and only the defect preforms are used for blowing process so that crystal clear quality PET bottles could be obtained as final products.

For best results, the users need to use the Polariscope with the highest accuracy. Presto is one of the premium manufacturer and supplier offering the highest quality of Polariscope strain viewers to PET and Preform industry and helping them ensuring the best quality of PET products.

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