Use of Salt Spray Testing Machine in Marine Applications

Use of Salt Spray Testing Machine in Marine Applications

A major number of naval ships are built of mild steel. Hence, corrosion is a vital concern in the marine environment. This specific form of steel degradation has recently grabbed huge attention from the marine industry. Thus, as a solution to the same, salt spray testing machine is used for investigating the quality of coatings used in marine ship surfaces for preventing corrosion.

Why do we need to conduct a corrosion test in marine applications?

The marine atmosphere tends to be highly corrosive with its rising level of salinity and humidity. This corrosive atmosphere is responsible for 30% of the failures on ships and other marine equipment. Ships carrying dangerous cargo such as oil tankers meeting marine accidents can have severe consequences on the water body. Majority of such accidents happens because of weakened ships due to high corrosion. To maintain marine safety and prevent accidents, a good quality ship structure is required. Hence, the prevention of corrosion is a key priority for safe shipping

Paints utilized in the marine industry are usually made up of a polymeric resin, organic solvents and variety of organic and inorganic additives. In recent times, a new form of paint has been introduced in the market which uses water as a solvent. Although, their anticorrosive performance is very poor compared to the organic-based paints. Once the anticorrosive additive has been destroyed, the paint loses its protective properties.

Use of Salt Spray Testing Machine

Salt spray chamber is utilized in a wide range of industries for testing of metals. It calculates the corrosion resistance of the surface coating. It simulates a real-time environment condition that may affect coating in normal working condition. The chamber conditions inside are accelerated, which is why the behavior of the specimen can be assessed in short span of time compared to the real-time events.