Importance of Color Matching Cabinet in Achieving Consistent Color Results

Importance of Color Matching Cabinet in Achieving Consistent Color Results

Importance of Color Matching Cabinet in Achieving Consistent Color Results

Colors play an important role in representing the products to the customers. It is essential to check the color consistency of the products so that customers can receive quality products. By checking the accuracy of the color of the products, manufacturers can overcome the issues of Metamerism. 

Presto is a leading color matching lab-equipment manufacturer and ensures consistency in the color of the products to reduce the rejection rates by the customers. Presto color-matching cabinet prices are affordable and within the customers' budget. 

What role does Color play in Packaging Design?

When the color of the packaging is appealing, it entices the customers and more customers buy those products. It influences the behavior of the customers and purchasing decisions to attract more customers. 

85 percent of customers make decisions based on the color of the packaging has been shown through the studies. Hence, by testing the color of the products accurately, manufacturers can ensure that the customers get the right products.

Manufacturers Encounter Difficulty in Maintaining the Uniformity of the Colors

It is essential to attain consistency in the colors of the packaging as it will be appealing to the buyers. Consistent colors in the packaging can be achieved by careful planning and precise measurements. When the colors are reliable, then the quality of the products is enhanced.

The few challenges are: 

  • The color quality of the packaging can be affected due to different printing techniques.

  • Another factor is the ink absorption rate which impacts the color quality.

  • Product variations are another challenge that is faced by the manufacturers. 

The top features of the color-matching cabinets are:

Color-matching cabinets help in achieving the accuracy of the colors of the packaging. When the colors of the packaging are consistent, they are appealing to the customers and customers will buy more products from the manufacturers. It will enhance the revenues for the manufacturers. 

Presto Color-matching cabinets come with highly advanced features that help record reliable outcomes and the outcomes are non-fluctuating. They are standardized and have controlled lighting conditions. They have wide viewing areas and high-quality light sources are used. You can easily make your products free from Metamerism with the help of Presto color matching cabinet. 

How does the Color-Matching Cabinet Operate to Ensure Product Quality? 

The procedure involves the following steps:

1. Place the specimen in the viewing area at a distance of 450 to 600 mm.

2. Activate the UV light to conduct the test under UV rays, ensuring both samples react consistently to fluorescent dyes and brighteners.

3. Perform a final test under TL-84, a Triphosphor fluorescent lamp, to assess color acceptability at the "Point of Sale."

4. Validate the dying, printing, and coloring of the sample to meet specified requirements, confirming a satisfactory match under the lights.

Differences in the color consistency of the products can be detected with color-matching cabinet

Presto color-matching cabinet comes with different light sources to ensure that will make it easy for the manufacturers to easily conduct the quality tests. The equipment ensures reliable and precise results with its cutting-edge technology and highly advanced features. 

The top light sources that are embedded in this lab instrument are:

  • Artificial Daylight

  • Cool White Light

  • Ultraviolet black light

  • Tungsten Filament light

Decreasing the Rejection Rates and Attaining more Customers

Presto color matching cabinet specifications are top-notch and it is calibrated according to the set standards. Presto color matching cabinet helps in recording reliable results as it adheres to the set standards. When accurate results are recorded, manufacturers will be able to deliver quality products to the customers. Thus, customers will not return the products and it will minimize the rejection rates that will save the costs for the manufacturers that incur in returning the products and then delivering them again.

By providing quality products to the customers, companies can acquire more customers which will in return enhance brand awareness and increase the revenues for the company. Secondly, it will help in attaining customer loyalty and the same customer will come to that company again and again, all this can be achieved by performing the right tests in color-matching cabinets. 

Attaining More Customer Base

When manufacturers check the color quality of the products, they make sure that there is no inconsistency in the color of the products.  The manufacturers have already tested the color quality of the products. 

When the colors of the products are accurate and appealing, it will entice the customers and more customers will come to buy the products. The loyal customers will increase brand identity which makes other customers also aware of the products. The brand will gain recognition in the market when it launches the right products in the market. More customers will get to know about the products. 


We have described the color-matching cabinets in detail till now. They are used to assess the color quality of the products. Secondly, they ensure the packaging of the products is enticing and repeated purchases are made by the customers. You can easily identify the right colors present in your products with the help of Presto color matching cabinet. 

Presto manufactures high-quality lab equipment and color-matching cabinets are one of them. Presto offers exceptional customer services and provides guidance through video calls as well whenever required. Service engineers from Presto visit the manufacturers to address their queries and local service engineers only step out to help the manufacturers. Presto sells calibrated equipment only and the calibration is done for one year. The certificate of calibration is given with the equipment which is approved by NABL labs. The Presto equipment are standardized also to provide precise results and it reduces the costs of maintenance as well. The cost of recalls and repairs decrease. 

Customers can buy color-matching cabinets from Presto at affordable rates. Customers can give a call at +91-9210903903 or mail us at to get assistance regarding their queries.