Why Humidity Chambers Are Used In Testing Labs?

Why Humidity Chambers Are Used In Testing Labs?

Testing the humidity in very high temperature helps the manufacturers to determine the strength and reaction of the components in different and severe environmental conditions which involve high temperatures, fluctuating atmospheric conditions and high relative humidity. The test can be performed only when the material is subjected to the static state of temperature and humidity for a period of time and can also be tested in dynamic test conditions where the different percent of moisture tends to the failure of the products.

Is it possible to create humidity without controlling the temperature conditions?

Researchers usually ask such kind of questions. Without controlling the temperature of the chamber, it is quite difficult to control the humidity of the chamber with preciseness and high rate of repeatability. If the user actually wants dry and highly humid environment, then neglecting the settings of temperature controller can severely affect the accuracy of humidity and results as well.

Relation of Temperature with Relative Humidity

The temperature and humidity are directly proportional to each other. The high temperature of the chamber can lead to high rate of moisture and humidity in the chamber it means that the air is capable enough to handle more moisture at a given temperature. Relative humidity means the ratio of the moisture in the air with respect to its strength which it can hold in given temperature. It means that as the temperature of the chamber rises, the percentage of humidity in the chamber will also rise and stable temperature will offer stable humidity.

How can Humidity be generated?

There are multiple ways that can be used to create humidity or moisture in the chambers inside the laboratories to examine the effect of humidity on different products. Here we will discuss the different ways of humidity generation in detail. 

  • Steam Generator 

Steam Generator is a kind of tank type instruments that are duly fitted with the heaters. As the temperature inside the chambers rises, the tank gets heated, and the steam which is generated inside the tank goes up to the top of the chambers where the heaters or cooling coils are fitted/ The steam generating tanks work on the basis of the output which is provided by the heater and created the humidity. The best example of a steam generator is Autoclave. The steam generators are used in various production verticals as it has various benefits.


  • Easily produce high volume of steam in big chambers
  • The quality of water vapor is consistent.
  • Atomizer 

Atomizers are widely used humidity generators that comprise a nozzle that spray atomized water to generate moisture and humidity inside the instruments. As per the working of the atomizers, when the water passes through the chamber heater it gets heated instantly in no time. These types of machines are used in the laboratories to create high-level of heat and offer numerous benefits as well. The key benefits of atomizer are mentioned below:


  • Easy to operate and simple system
  • Best to save electricity
  • Cools the air quickly
  • Capable enough to generate high volume of moisture
  • No issues with heater
  • Water bath 

Another method which is utilized for humidity generation and works as the steam generator is Water Bath. The water bath is a small chamber which is duly fitted with cooling coils and heaters. As the air is drawn in the assembly where coil and heaters are fitted, it passes through the bath and picks the air up. The major advantages of using a water bath in chamber include:

  • The device is highly responsive as it require small amount of water to generate humidity
  • No need of a boiling procedure to create moisture or humidity.
  • Less boiling means that the chamber requires comparatively less maintenance
  • Can be inspected and cleaned quickly.

Determine the Influence of Humidity on Different Products

Different conditioning chambers are designed with sophisticated technology that can create different temperature and humidity inside the cabinet. These chambers ensure less heat loss ration as they are designed with the high-quality glass wool than ensures perfect insulation inside the chamber. The chamber comprises of heaters & cooling compressors both to maintain the accurate level of humidity in the chamber. The humidity chambers also known as conditioning chambers are used in testing laboratories to measure the effect of different atmospheric condition son the mechanical, chemical and physical properties of the product when they are subjected to real working conditions.

Use of Humidity Chambers in Different Verticals

Humidity Chambers used widely in a large number of production verticals to assure the effect of environment on different products.

  • Rubber Industries – To determine the crack initiation property or melting properties of rubbers in the hot & cold environment.
  • Pharmaceutical Industries – To analyze the effect of humid environment on medicines & drugs.
  • Plastic Industries – To measure the result of humid conditions and high temperature on the mechanical and physical properties of plastic products.

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