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Testing Humidity Tolerance of Tetra Paks with Humidity Chamber

Tetra Pak is 6-layers bundling material utilized for putting away palatable merchandise. They are structured so that content stuffed inside ought to remain cleanly crisp and defilement free. It is trusted that 6 layers of pressing are sufficient to be a solid hindrance against natural conditions. Distinctive tests are performed to check their honesty. To guarantee the perseverance of the pack, there are many contributing variables which are considered. Distinctive natural conditions for which a tetra pak is tried; Humidity, Temperature and Water Penetration.

Packings show unstable conduct in the sticky condition. Prints begin to blur off, attachments begin to lose, layers begin to get stripped off. How a parcel would act when presented to extreme climatic conditions should be surveyed already. In extraordinary conditions, the tetra pak begin to lose numerous properties. This may begin to affect the joints of the pressing. On the off chance that these joints begin to lose, the air will meddle with the substance. The puffed pack is the primary thing that you see about the flawed pressing. Tainting of substance is extremely basic on account of deficient pressing. Be that as it may, severe measures are taken by the organizations to stay away from any impact of dampness on the pressing.


Humidity chamber is a typical instrument in the refreshment business. This chamber helps in knowing the conduct of the pressing in the very moist conditions. This is imperative to survey as pressing may need to withstand the states of the assembling plant, stockroom, travel and retailer’s place. The dampness chamber take a shot at the moistness scope of 65% to 95%. A test is put in the chamber for certain hours, contingent on the test necessities. The gadget is outfitted with twofold entryway security with 1 glass entryway. This aides in holding the temperature and muggy conditions inside the chamber. The glass entryway enables the administrator to peep inside the chamber while not exasperating the reproduced condition inside.

There is an atomiser inside the chamber that makes the mist by taking water supply from the repository tank. The tank has a limit of 8-10 liters which helps in accomplishing relentless trial for a considerable length of time. Furnished with a caution framework to alarm the administrator when water goes down past indicated limits. Stickiness chamber offered by Presto is accessible in various models, permitting productive PC availability and information logging.

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