How torque tester machine is useful in the chemical industry?

How torque tester machine is useful in the chemical industry?

Those who work in the chemical industry know the importance of bottles testing. From caps to their thickness, everything matters a lot while determining the accuracy and quality of bottles. In the chemical industry, bottles are not only used to fill the chemicals but will also accumulate degraded or leftover waste. Whether the bottles are made up of glass, or plastic they are topped with caps or stoppers that will easily contain the chemicals in liquid form. 

If the bottles are capped properly then the chemicals inside it will stay for a longer time. Thus, to check the force required to open PET bottle caps, you can make use of a torque tester testing machine.

Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with information about the use of torque testing instruments in the chemical industry. But before that, we will focus on some common bottle materials that will be used to pack hazardous chemicals. So, let us get started!

Common bottle materials used for packaging chemicals

When it comes to industrial packaging of chemicals then challenges will be manifold. An industrial chemical contains certain compounds that will have a negative impact on the environment when not packed properly. Therefore, you must make use of various testing instruments to test your product so that there will be no compromise in quality. 

Here we have created a list of materials that will be used in the chemical industry to store these industrial chemicals. So, let us get started with the materials:

  • Glass bottles

Glass bottles are considered to be the best solution for packaging different chemicals for a very long time. These bottles are available in different shapes and sizes that will be helpful in storing the chemicals. 


  • Plastic jars or bottles

PVC plastics are commonly used in the packaging industry to contain certain chemicals. The plastic material is low in cost and requires various safety measures for chemical packaging. 


  • Metal containers

Metal containers are another type of packaging material that will be used in the chemical industry to store certain chemicals. These metal containers are cheap and can be re-usable. 

These are some types of materials that are used in the packaging industry to store chemicals. You can easily make use of testing instruments to test these materials for quality packaging. Now, we will discuss how torque testers will be useful in the chemical industry. So, read the importance mentioned below.

How torque tester is useful in the chemical industry?

Many chemicals are sold in plastic bottles which can easily withstand corrosiveness. These bottles have trigger handles that will create a major challenge in torque. The unique combination of bottle and cap in the chemical industry will consist of several activities of push and turn. 

We at Presto will offer you a unique approach to test the force required to open the bottle caps. Thus, you can easily make use of our testing instruments that hold the bottle tightly and grip the bottle for anti-slippage. The pegs will get rotated in order to open the cap and process the force applied in the electrical form. These are adjustable pegs that will easily accommodate bottles of different sizes and work efficiently in a wide array of applications.

Now, you will be able to get an idea about the importance of using a torque testing machine in determining the quality of bottles that will be used in the chemical industry. You can easily buy this amazing testing instrument from Presto at affordable prices.