How to Ascertain the Molecular Structure of Polymers?

How to Ascertain the Molecular Structure of Polymers?

Molecular Structure of Polymers

Plastics are widely used to manufacture various types of household and industrial goods. The producers in plastic manufacturing units, first of all, test the properties of plastics before initiating the production procedure. The chief decision of the producers while setting their research centres is to test the characteristics of the plastics. This test is possible only with the help of highly effective and high-quality Melt Flow Index Tester.

It is the main testing device which is widely used to test the quality, viscosity and melt flow rate of the plastics. The testing instrument is widely utilised to measure the melt volume rate, melt flow rate and viscosity of the plastic granules. The melting rate of the plastics granules is mandatory to consider in order examining the thickness of the plastics. The testing machine is used to upgrade the quality of the final goods that are manufactured in plastic industries.

MFI or Melt Flow Index is an excellent testing machine which is widely used by the manufacturers of plastic industries to test the viscosity and strength of the plastics. The test was first introduced by the researchers in 1950, and since then it is widely used in all plastic industries. The testing instrument offers exact, repeatable and robust test results and helps to measure the molecular structure and viscosity of the plastics and polymers.

Working Procedure of Melt Flow Index Tester


The testing machine consists of a heated vessel and cylindrical vessel in which test samples are placed. After placing the sample in the cylindrical vessel, exert sufficient amount of pressure on the samples as per the test requirement on the granules which help to press the plastics.The melted plastics comes out from the narrow tube. The melted sample which comes out from the narrow tube in a period of 10 minutes is weighed as Melt Flow Index of Plastics in grams. The standard operating procedure helps measure the melt flow rate (MFR) of the polymers easily.

How to Ascertain the Molecular Structure of Polymers?

The major properties of the polymers can be measured using Melt Flow Index Tester. The instrument is used to examine the flow rate of plastics, the thickness of plastics, viscosity, and molecular structure at a specific temperature and weight. Lower the molecular structure lower will be the MFR of the plastics and vice versa. This testing procedure helps to examine the flow rate of the polymers. This testing procedure is used to explain whether the molecular structure of the plastics or polymer is good or not. For more info on Melt Flow Index Tester, contact our experts.