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Calculate MFI Index of All types of Polymers with ASTM D1238 Tester

The Melt flow properties, is an imperative section of research considers when we are fabricating polymer item. The MFI Index of polymers state numerous highlights and conduct part of the specific test polymer substance. Subsequently, testing the highlights by means of figuring its Melt stream list or MFI is an imperative advance. The test procedure requires an institutionalized Melt Flow Index Tester to lead the means. The testing hardware utilized for the methodology must be institutionalized and exact in assessing the MFI esteem. It might likewise bolster the client to assess the Melt stream rate (MFR) and Melt volume stream rate (MVR).

The test gear heat up the polymer granules till its proselytes into streaming fluid. This streaming polymer leaves the machine and is cut at a specific length and weighed independently. The esteem you get is the MFI information of that polymer. The analyzer is useful for checking the streaming properties of fluid plastic material. It is created under various Test Standards ASTM D 1238-1992, IS 2267-1972, IS 2530-1963, IS 10810-1984. Microchip program based PID controller. Robotized test example cutting for zero obstruction of human.


Computerized based Pre-set Timer for precise read-out and repeatability. Steel barrel for uniform and consistent warming of test chamber. Melt Flow Index is portrayed as the stream rate of expel of the polymer material through a specific length and width under indicated conditions of temperature, burden and chamber position inside a warmed metallic barrel. Dissolve Flow Index of thermoplastic material is imparted as grams per 10 min of expel of fluid polymer that course through the cylinder formed barrel. It is planned solely for the ideal estimation of liquefy stream rate of liquid plastics or granules. The Plastic soften stream file analyzer is determined by playing out a manual/programmed test system on a testing instrument so as to check the dissolve volume rate of the stream of plastic granules (which is estimated in grams in an exact time of ten minutes). The methodology went through a bite the dust having a specific estimation in width and length. It is done under a particular weight and temperature with the perfect position of a cylinder in a round and hollow compartment inside a warmed metallic barrel.

Presto is a main maker and provider of dissolve stream list analyzer, Melt Flow Index Tester, Polymer testing machine, plastic granules testing instruments and so on everywhere throughout the world with the end goal of stream rate testing. The testing gear fulfils ISO and ASTM guidelines with the principle centre around meeting the main conditions of burden and temperature.

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