How often should a Torque Tester be Calibrated for Accurate Results?

How often should a Torque Tester be Calibrated for Accurate Results?

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Various industries make use of packaging bottles to deliver their products accurately to customers. Whether you are using a PET bottle or a glass bottle, it is important for the manufacturers to measure the torque value of these materials and ensure that accurate products will be delivered to the customers. If we talk about the torque test value then the torque is considered as the rotational force that will be applied on the material to ensure the resistance of the material on the opening and closing torque value. 

If we take an example of an infant opening the bottle with a low torque value. The infant may play with the bottle and attempt to open it. If the force required to open the bottle is minimal, the infant could potentially open and consume its contents, posing a safety risk. This is why assessing and estimating the torque of bottle caps has become a standard procedure, ensuring that only the intended user can easily open them.

Presto bottle cap torque tester is one of the efficient testing instruments for measuring the torque value of bottle caps. 

All About Presto Bottle Cap Torque Tester

The torque tester for bottles serves the purpose of determining the torque applied to threaded or screwed caps on bottles and similar containers. This measurement, facilitated by the torque tester, is crucial for ensuring the proper closure of containers.

If you easily evaluate the torque value of bottle caps, then you will be able to maintain the quality of bottle caps accurately. 

At Presto, we have developed a top-notch lab testing instrument known as the torque tester digital with a printer. This cutting-edge torque testing equipment represents a new generation of fully automatic testers that provide test values in digital format. The HMI display offers sophisticated read-outs, including Auto Tare (ZERO) set capability and a Peak Hold arrangement.

Users can expect precise torque measurements, and the equipment comes equipped with an adjustable fixture to accommodate various bottle sizes. As a leading torque tester manufacturer, Presto is committed to delivering this high-quality testing equipment at the most competitive and affordable price. You can easily measure the torque value of PET bottles with the help of this quality testing instrument.

Highly Advanced Features of Presto Torque Tester that you must know

Presto torque tester boasts a range of robust features designed to ensure accurate and reliable torque measurements for bottle caps. The instrument is equipped with strong clamping pegs/holders, providing zero-slip gripping support during testing. The digital display enhances precision and repeatability, offering a fine resolution for clear readings.

One notable feature is the in-house calibration facility, allowing users to maintain the accuracy of their torque measurements. The adjustable clamping mechanism accommodates different sizes of bottles, providing versatility in testing applications. The torque sensor integrated into the tester is highly accurate, ensuring trustworthy results.

For calibration convenience, the torque machine comes with 10 and 20 lbs calibration weights. The provision to hold peak values on the display allows users to capture crucial data. Additionally, the instrument offers the capability to save up to 9 sample readings on the digital readout, providing a convenient record of test results.

The safety lock pin is a thoughtful inclusion, eliminating the risk of applying extra force on the torque sensor. Users can easily monitor sample readings on the digital display, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient torque testing experience with Presto's advanced torque tester.

This is one of the effective digital torque testers that are widely used in the PET and bottle industry. Now, let us discuss some factors that you must keep in mind while operating the torque testing equipment.

Things you should know before Investing in a Torque Testing Machine

Whenever you invest in the torque testing machine, then it is important for you to understand the significance of torque which will be required to cause the object to rotate about its axis. Many industries may rely on the torque tester for precisely measuring the force. 

Thus, to make an informed decision on torque tester purchasing, you can keep these factors in mind.

1. Types of Tools:

Torque testing equipment is utilized to calibrate various torque applications. The first question to address is whether the chosen torque tester covers measurements for all types of tools relevant to your industry. Understanding the tools being tested is crucial in selecting the most suitable torque tester for your requirements.

2. Understanding Torque Tester Features:

You should develop a deep understanding for ensuring accurate torque value. Prior to selecting the right torque tester for your torque testing needs you can easily get ensured about the features and technical specifications of this high-quality testing equipment.

3. Torque Testing Process:

The torque transducer plays a pivotal role in applying force to an item. Understanding the torque testing process is essential for selecting the appropriate equipment. Different approaches, such as inline and reaction methods, exist for measuring torque. Therefore it is very important for the manufacturers to align all the factors before purchasing the torque testing machine. 

These are some of the factors that you must consider while buying torque testing equipment for your lab testing needs. 

How Frequently should a Torque Tester Undergo Calibration?

The frequency of calibrating a handheld torque tester is a critical aspect of maintaining accurate and reliable results. Industry standards and manufacturer recommendations typically guide the calibration schedule. In many cases, torque testers should undergo calibration annually to ensure their continued accuracy. 

However, specific usage conditions, environmental factors, and regulatory requirements may influence the calibration frequency. Regular calibration checks are essential to uphold the precision of torque testers, providing confidence in the integrity of torque measurements and adherence to quality standards.

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