How To Measure The Toque Of Pet Bottle Caps?

How To Measure The Toque Of Pet Bottle Caps?

Torque means the angular force which is applied to turn an object. For example, the force required to turn the steering wheel, the force provided by the cap of the PET bottles to open the cap of the bottles of containers are the simple example of torques. Torque testing comprises of measuring the amount of torque or force that is applied to an object.

The most common application of torque testing is the fastening of the PET bottles, jars, containers. By measuring the torque characteristics in such applications, it is possible to determine not only the quality of the caps or lids but also the root cause of different types of defects in the bottles that can cause leakage or spillage.

Process to Measure the Torque of PET bottles

The best way to perform the process of torque testing is Torque Testing Machine also known as Torque Tester. The instrument is widely used in the testing laboratories of PET & Preform industries. To measure the torque of the PET bottles:

  • The sample bottle is placed on the testing device by adjusting the knobs on the machine in an anticlockwise direction in such a manner that it touches all the four pegs.
  • Now hold the chuck lever and rotate it up to the angle of 45 Degree when the lever is rotated it will change the value of the peak load.
  • Note the value from the load indicator to measure the force required to open the torque of the bottles.

Formula to Calculate the Toque

The torque of the bottles is calculated by the following equation:

Torque = Force x Distance

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