How are Pharmaceutical Companies Assessing Their Labels?

How are Pharmaceutical Companies Assessing Their Labels?

 Pharmaceutical Companies

In Pharma industry, labels play the lead role in conveying information to the end user. Critical information like the composition, date of manufacture, expiration, company details and other important information printed on labels or packings. It becomes the responsibility of the manufacturer to convey right information to the end user and it is the responsibility of the packager to present this information in right manner. The quality management department ensures that packing and labels should not get damaged when subjected to real life working conditions.

Different tests for estimating quality of labels

Humidity testing – This sounds bizarre, but humidity testing is becoming a very important test for labels in the pharma industry. For instance, on cough syrup bottles, you see a label pasted on it. When this bottle is exposed to severe humidity, the label will tend to lose its adhesive properties. If not tested appropriately, the label will get removed with time. And this label will get removed even before reaching to end customer. If there is no label on the drug, it will be get rejected straightway. This impacts a lot of overall brand reputation. More importantly, it is dangerous for the end user to the consumer to consume that has no label on it.

Scuff Resistance Testing – Scuff is also called abrasion or scratching. When packed together, the packings of drugs will rub against each other, causing friction and thus deterioration of label. Due to excessive deterioration, the label will lose all the information. In fact, in plastic film labels and blister packings, there can be a loss of print due to friction. A scuff resistance tester allows testing the labels against any friction. In this test, labels are rub against each other with printed sides facing each other. Sustenance of labels with respect to a number of rotations is observed.

Colour testing – In drug stores, if due to routine working conditions colours of labels are fading away this means crucial information is also vanishing along. This is why, Industries are using colour measuring devices to see if there is any colour loss of labels when subject to light, UV or any other environmental factors.

However, if the industry doesn’t have a huge budget to devote to label testing, scuff resistance tester can do the job for testing labels with and without plastic films. It can do the job of testing abrasion in the labels due to friction. For more information, you may contact us.