View The Strains In The Quality Of Preforms With Polariscope, Strain Viewer

View The Strains In The Quality Of Preforms With Polariscope, Strain Viewer

PET products are used on a large scale in packaging industries to pack safely different products like Pharmaceuticals, food and beverages and many more.

The pharmaceutical products easily get affected when come in contact with environmental conditions and requires the best level of protection and safety. The PET products are used to pack the drugs and pharmaceutical products that should be of high quality and the manufacturers will test the quality of the PET products with the help of best quality of testing devices and using standardized testing strategies.

How to ensure the quality of the Preforms?

The very first step of quality assurance of the PET products is to test the quality of the Preforms as it is the base material which is converted to the bottles using the process of blow molding. The quality of the preforms plays a significant role to define and to ensure the quality of the bottles. There is a large variety of quality defects that are difficult to find but when proper testing equipments are used, it becomes easy for the manufacturers to identify the defects in the preforms and remove them from the process of blowing.

Solution to analyze the defects in Preforms

The Polariscope Strain Viewer is one the best test testing device that helps to perform PET & Preform testing simple and easy and offers highly precise results. The testing machine is used to determine the defects in the quality of the preforms like watermarks, crystallization, flash marks and many more. The device is equipped with the polarized light that helps to detect the flaws that are present in the preforms. Along with this, the instrument is also provided with the Preform defect chart which contributes to analyzing the quality flaws when place under polarized light.