Evaluate Wall Thickness of Plastic Toys

Evaluate Wall Thickness of Plastic Toys

Plastic materials are used in many industries and have numerous applications. Manufacturers should perform quality control test from time to time. Plastic has a value for its thickness that is based upon its applications. The producer needs to be specific in its usage and set its thickness. Plastic toy manufacturers verify the quality of their products and ensure their compliance with international safety standards. Plastics are the most common materials used by manufacturers due to its durability. It can be molded and used in many ways. Wall Thickness gauge is used by plastic manufacturers to perform reliable and effective quality control.

A non-destructive method is ideal for determining the thickness of walls. Wall thickness is important as the wall defines the basic shape of the plastic part. The wall or the frame of a part helps in determining the amount of material required. Non uniform wall sections cause stresses in molded parts. Sections that are thin are more prone to breakage while handling. Too heavy a wall thickness adds to the cost.

Magnamike 8600 is a consistent tool to measure the wall thickness of plastic components. It is very easy to operate. It is based on a magnetic method and performs repeatable measurements on nonferrous materials. Measurements are done with a magnetic probe scanned on one side of the sample and a small target ball on the opposite side or placed inside the container. The probe’s Hall Effect sensor is used to measure the distance between the probe tip and the target ball. Large color thickness display is used to show the result.


Features of Wall Thickness gauge are:

  • Replaceable wear caps are available with straight and angled magnetic probes
  • USB and RS-232 outputs to transfer data to an excel spreadsheet
  • Fast measurement update rate 60Hz
  • WINXL interface program
  • Designed with IP67 rating