Different Models of Bursting Strength Tester Offered by Presto

Different Models of Bursting Strength Tester Offered by Presto

Bursting strength testing is an important parameter for different industries like paper, textile, corrugated fibre box, plastic films, aluminium foil, leather, rexine, etc. Depending on the intended application, the sample can be tested for predefined pressure or how much pressure can sample bear is assessed.

Presto offers 5 different models of bursting strength tester, let’s have a look at them;

Analogue model. This is very basic model works on the principle of hydraulic pressure. The specimen is clamped on the machine using the manual wheel. Now, pressure can be applied in two ways, either we can perform a proof test or check the pressure bearing capacity of the sample. For the proof test, we set a predefined pressure and check the behaviour of the sample, if it could sustain it or not. In another process, we keep on applying pressure until sample bursts. The pressure is applied on the sample via rubber diaphragm. Hydraulic pressure is applied via medium glycerine.

Digital Model – This is the second model of bursting strength tester family. This is an extended version of the analogue model, it has a digital control to set desired pressure and the output is observed on discrete digital display. In the previous model, the output is displayed on an analogue gauge. The working principle is as same as the analogue model.


Digital Pneumatic Model – The working principle of this model is same as that of the analogue model. In this, the clamping mechanism has changed. No manual clamping, pneumatic system allows the self-clamping of the sample, which makes sure that these are no sample slippage when pressure is applied. The hydraulic pressure is applied via medium glycerine. It has discrete digital display and input is given through digital control.

Computerised Analogue Model – This is the basic analogue model with computer connectivity. In this version, the sample is clamped manually. It has a discrete LED display. The additional feature it has is that it can communicate with computer efficiently. The operator can take the output on the computer.

Computerised Pneumatic Model – This is an extended version of the digital pneumatic model. The working principle is same as that of the digital model. The sample is clamped with pneumatic system and output is taken on the computer. This has completely eliminated the human interference to avoid any errors during the test procedure.

Bursting strength tester is an important machine for industries that use flexible packings made out of different raw materials like, fibre, paper, plastic and so on. For more information, contact us.