Ascertain the Strength of Linerboards and Corrugated Boards

Ascertain the Strength of Linerboards and Corrugated Boards using Bursting Strength Tester

Bursting Strength is widely used in paper and packaging industries to measure the strength of different types of papers, corrugated boxes, and cartons to test the suitability of fibers for different applications and extent of refining and beating. The significant reason behind the usage of bursting strength test is that it is the oldest and most appropriate way to measure the strength of the different type of materials. It is quite simple to test, and it depicts the clear correlation of the material and its strength. As the interpretation of the bursting strength is experimental, it serves as a quick check on the quality of the papers according to the requirement of different applications. The bursting strength can be calculated on all types of corrugated boards such as solid fiberboards, shipping containers, and combined containerboards. The bursting strength of the containers and corrugated boxes can be calculated after measuring the quality of the boards. After calculating the bursting strength of the boxes burst factor and burst index of a material can also be calculated.

Formula of Burst Factor and Burst Index

In addition to bursting strength, the bursting factor of the boards can be calculated using the formula:

Burst Factor =   b-1

On the other hand, the burst index of the sample can be calculated using following formula:

Burst Index =         b-2

Note that,

  • 1 kPa = 1 kN/m2, where kPa is used for kilopascal and kN for kilonewton.
  • Grammage is the weight in units of gf/m2.

The best way to calculate the strength and properties of Bursting Strength, Bursting Strength Tester is the best testing device. The device offers highly accurate and reliable test results.