Beesley Balance – For Yarn Count Analysis

Beesley Balance – For Yarn Count Analysis

Importance of Yarn Count

The count of the yarn is termed as an exact number that indicates the weight or length of the yarn. In direct term, the count determines the weight of a specific length of yarn. For instance, Tex is the weight of the yarn in grams in one-kilometer length of yarn whereas denier is counted as the number of grams of 9000 meters of yarns. Apart from this, a user can conclude the same as per indirect system like a count is the number of units in a fixed length of yarn that makes a particular weight. One can also conclude it as a number of hanks of yarn in one pound, or Metric is a total number of a kilometer of yarn in one kg of yarn. Apart from the system of the direct or indirect count, there are two basic requirements that help to determine the count of the yarn:

  • Exact assessment of the weight of the sample yarn and,
  • Accurate estimation of the length of the sample yarn.

This method of determining the count of yarn depends on the type or form of yarn in which it is available for the testing process..

Calculation of Yarn Count

After determining the length and weight of the yarn, the yarn count is determined by using a formula:





Beesley Balance – Perfect Solution for Yarn Count

Beesley Balance is a laboratory testing machine which is used to measure the yarn count directly in a 1 cm sq. sample material. It is a weighing scale which is designed on an aluminum shaft with two crystal bearing. The aluminum beam comprises of stainless steel hooks on both sides to place the yarn one by one on one end and to hand weight on another end. The entire assembly of Beesley balance is designed on a metal box with a transparent sliding window to view the test sample easily.

Features of Beesley Balance

The Beesley balance is specially designed to measure the count of a small piece of fabrics or a short length of yarn.


  • The device is well-engineered using user-friendly features.
  • It is a reasonable balance which is provided for the accurate count of the yarn and for accurate test results.
  • The instrument is designed with the stainless steel material that ensures the long operational life of the device.
  • 2 calibrated riders are delivered with the device as standard accessories.
  • The testing device calculates the result in Denier, Tex, Cotton Count, etc.

Presto Stantest offers high-quality of Beesley balance to calculate the exact yarn count of the particular length of yarn.