Determine Water Absorption Levels of Papers with the Cobb Tester

Determine Water Absorption Levels of Papers with the Cobb Tester

Cobb Tester

Papers are solely responsible for the production of so many packaging materials like corrugated boxes, paper wraps, paper bags, etc. One of the most widely used packaging products is corrugated boxes. These boxes are preferred by manufacturers as they are imbibed with a certain level of durability with affordability that enhances the packaging experience and also ensures the manoeuvrability of products with absolute facile.

These corrugated boxes travel in different parts of the world carrying sensitive, perishable & expensive items that are extremely necessary for not just business but even trade relations between countries. Therefore, these products are manufactured with extreme precision and pinpoint accuracy. The Paper-made packaging materials undergo way too many tests before being utilised in the transit measures. Some of these tests are drop testing, box compression testing, vibration testing, etc. All these tests are conducted when the final product is carried out from the preform stage i.e. paper.

Assessing the paper quality in the initial stage helps companies save a lot of money and avoid the risk of investment in mass production. One vital testing aspect is to evaluate the water absorption level of a paper as there are incidences where the corrugated boxes are shipped under rainy circumstances or to places closely innated with water bodies.

To curb the solution of measuring water absorption levels, the Presto Group offers an extremely simplistic yet powerful lab testing instrument called the Cobb tester.  

The instrument is designed with extreme precision to evaluate the ability of corrugated boxes to withstand water splashes & raindrops. This is necessary to ensure the health of the product packed inside.

Understanding the functioning of the instrument for correctly performing the Cobb test is extremely important & crucial at the same time.

Conduction of the Cobb Test

The Cobb test is an extremely simple way of evaluating the water absorption levels of paper which will in turn form packaging products.

Before the conduction of the Cobb test, the operator must measure the weight of the paper to determine the post & pre-water absorption levels of the specimen.

To commence the test, it is mandatory to condition the specimen. One can use a GSM round cutter offered by the Presto Group to cut the specimen into a circular-shaped specimen.

The carved-out specimen can be placed inside the cylindrical specimen testing area, it is vital for the operator to conduct the test only after firmly clamping the specimen to ensure that no water leaks out of the testing area.

Once, the specimen is clamped firmly with the help of the tightening knob, the operator can simply pour water inside the cylindrical area. The water must be poured up to the water level mark and carved out as an indicator for the water level at the inside wall of the cylinder.

The water shall not stay stagnant for a long time and must be present on the specimen for 1 to 10 minutes which completely depends upon the paper that is being tested.

The moving cylinder assembly allows the operator to simply drop off the water from the specimen, and loosen up the tightening knob to take the specimen out. The operator can now place the specimen and keep a good-quality tissue paper on top.


Now the operator can simply weigh the specimen using the Presto Group weighing scale, afterwards the operator can simply subtract the previously attained weight from the current weight and the difference between the two is the water absorption level of the specimen. To determine the Cobb value the difference is multiplied by 100.



This is how the Cobb tester applications and allows the operator to perform hassle-free testing. The Cobb tester benefits enhance the ease of working and simplify the Cobb tester applications to aid manufacturers from all industries related to paper & packaging products.  

Key Attributes that Contribute to Cobb Tester Benefits

The Cobb Tester is equipped with certain attributes that enhance the overall functioning of the instrument and also make sure that the results derivated are equipped with pinpoint accuracy.

The first & foremost attribute that has gained the trust of packaging-related manufacturers is the construction of the instrument with a stainless steel material throughout its body ensuring rust-proofing properties as well as anti-corrosion layering.

The Cobb test is conducted with maximum ease and accuracy due to the incorporation of the tightening knob for clamping the specimen and making sure that it does not slip away while the testing is underway.

The compliance of the Cobb tester applications with so many designated standards has encouraged manufacturers to build a sense of assurance within the instruments' functioning.

The lab testing instrument is made with lightweight material to enhance the manoeuvrability of the instrument and allows the operator to perform testing in an expedited manner and reach accuracy-driven results altogether.

The Cobb test is conducted with a lot more precision due to the fast locking mechanism which not only safeguards the instrument but also enhances the integrity of the testing standards.

These top-quality and high-end attributes imbibed within the instrument ensure maximum accuracy as well as a hassle-free operating mechanism for the operator. This enhances the testing speed along with the provision of a seamless testing experience.

Conduct the Perfect Cobb test with the Finest Cobb Tester

The Cobb test is performed to evaluate the water absorption level of a paper in order to make sure that the item packed inside does not get contaminated and thus avoids losses for the manufacturer and the brand. If you also want to assess the Cobb value of a paper or related material, you can get your hands on the finest lab testing instrument right away.

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