Ensure Maximum Satisfaction by Perfect Bottle Sealing with Vacuum Leak Tester

Ensure Maximum Satisfaction by Perfect Bottle Sealing with Vacuum Leak Tester

vacuum leak tester

Bottles have revolutionized the packaging fraternity when it comes to fluids. Industries like beverages, pharma, packing & closure manufacturing, etc. have made bottles their prime choice for packaging fluids. The reason for this gaining trust is the durability at affordability these bottles offer.

However, manufacturing a bottle is not just melting polymer granules into a preform and then the final product, there goes a lot of research & development when it comes to satisfying the needs of a customer. A bottle must have walls & closures that are up to the mark when it comes to quality.

These bottles must be tested in their preform stage on their wall strength which will allow the operator to evaluate if there are any leakages in the wall due to faulty molting of granules.

The aerated drink & pharma industry has to be extra conscious regarding the thickness of the walls and seal integrity of these walls as the products they make get contaminated if exposed to the environment. This is the reason that Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. has a lab testing instrument to aid manufacturers from different industries called the vacuum leak tester.

The instrument is designed to ascertain leakages in the preforms of bottles by measuring their seal integrity by testing it under extreme air pressure. The instrument is trusted by manufacturers from various industries due to its accurate & repeatable testing measures.

Let us take a deeper look at how the instrument functions and attains such high levels of precision.

Working Principle of the Vacuum Leak Tester

The vacuum leak tester is equipped with an extremely simplistic working module that enhances the speed of testing and thus allows the operator to perform tests repeatedly and achieve consistent results.

The testing of the preform bottle begins with placing the specimen inside the desiccator of the machine. Make sure that the size of the specimen does not exceed 150mm or 300mm depending upon the variant of the desiccator, the operator is performing the test on. It is also important to keep tissue paper below the specimen during the test and the specimen must be kept in an inverted position than its original.

After placing the specimen, the operator must make sure that the desiccator lid is firmly closed to avoid any sort of intervention from the external environment to the internal environment, hampering the pinpoint accuracy of the instrument.

The operator can now simply adjust the air pressure from the control panel and commence with the vacuum Leak test. The air pressure is exerted inside the desiccator around the specimen. Due to the air pressure on the outside, a vacuum is forced on the inside of the specimen that exerts pressure on its walls.

In the case of compromised seal integrity, leakage takes place and the tissue kept below the invertedly positioned preform bottle gets wet due to the leakage of fluid from the specimen.

The operator can monitor the air pressure through the air pressure gauge, allowing the operator to determine whether the specimen passed the testing or not.

After the testing is completed, the operator simply takes out the tissue to ascertain the dryness or the wetness (if any) of it.

This is how the instrument performs testing with absolute precision and evaluates the seal integrity of bottles as well as pouches with fluid-filled inside.

The instrument is offered with certain top-quality features that have managed to gather the attention of manufacturers from various industries.

Key Features of the Vacuum Leak Tester

The vacuum leak tester is equipped with top-notch features, enhancing the testing measures along with the promotion of single-handed testing.

The first and foremost feature of the vacuum leak tester is its availability in different desiccator sizes that enable a manufacturer to evaluate the seal integrity of even the large preform specimens.

The vacuum gauge tester performs testing in two different mediums, water and air. These two mediums allow the operator to achieve higher levels of accuracy by measuring the seal integrity and leakages (if any) of the walls of the specimen.

The large testing equipment offers a microprocessor-based digital display on its control panel that has an associated digital timer, allowing the manufacturer of the specimen to conduct testing for a dedicated amount of time. The control panel of the instrument is also equipped with an air pressure gauge for easy monitoring of the air pressure and thus tracking of results with absolute facile.

The instrument has gained the trust of manufacturers from all across industries because of its robust build with mild steel material that is coated with seven-layered powder paint, enhancing the longevity and durability of the instrument against resting and corrosion-friendly environments.

The desiccator of the instrument is made with acrylic material for a see-through finish that helps the operator keep a check on the specimen at all times during the conduction of the test.

The manufacturer of the vacuum gauge tester has made the instrument in compliance with USB 28 packaging specifications. Due to the compliance, manufacturers from all across the industries have faith in the instrument along with the already built trust in the leading manufacturer company Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd.

All these high-end & futuristic features amalgamate together to serve the operator & the manufacturer of the specimen in performing simplistic vacuum tests along with accuracy-driven results.

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