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Compress To Test The Quality Of Materials

Packaging testing  is the best procedure that helps to evaluate the quality of the packages. Packaging is done to measure the various properties of papers, cardboards, single-layered and multilayered boards, etc. Packaging testing procedure comprises of testing packaging components, primary packages, packaging material, unit loads,  shipping containers and related components. It is important to test the packages at every level of production to safeguard the product kept inside the packages in order to supply the best quality goods to the customers. The packaging testing is done in laboratories using testing instruments for accurate and reliable results. The results with the help of testing instruments are captured in digital format, graphical format, photographs, videos, formal reports, etc.

To perform packaging testing in a standardized manner, some rules and regulations and standard norms need to be followed. Like to store chemical, medical instruments like syringes, food and beverages, some rules need to be followed. To store these products, periodic testing needs to be done on packaging material to ensure the safety of the products. The best test method to perform packaging testing is a Box Compression Test. This test helps the manufacturers to determine the compression strength of the material at the time of storage, warehousing and transportation. This can be performed easily with the assistance of Box Compression Tester.

Presto Stantest offers high quality of Box Compression tester to analyze the compression strength of the paper and packaging material. The tester is designed as per international and domestic standards. The instrument offers highly precise test results.

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