Compress The Pet Bottles With Top Load Tester To Gauge The Buckling Strength

Compress The Pet Bottles With Top Load Tester To Gauge The Buckling Strength

For all Plastic and PET industries, it is essential for the manufacturer to provide topmost quality of products to the clients. Usually the PET products like PET bottles, cans, are used in pharmaceuticals and food industry.

Hence, it is mandatory for the manufacturers to provide superlative quality of products to the customers so that the items that are packed in them are completely hygienic and safe to use. It is possible to assure the quality of the product, but it is important for the manufacturers to use best testing equipments and procedure for quality assurance so that the customers get the best benefits of the PET Products

Best Way to test the Quality of PET Products

There is a broad range of  testing machines that are used in the laboratories of PET industries on a large scale for quality testing of the products. One such testing device which is used to measure the quality of the PET products includes Top Load Tester. The Top Load Tester Digital is the machine which is meant to test the buckling strength of the containers and bottles. During the test, the bottles are subjected to a compressive load until the bottle gets deformed completely. After the bottle deforms, or bottle started buckling, the force applied to the bottle is recorded and compressive strength of the bottles is determined. This testing procedure is used in determining the suitability of the PET products for the particular application.

Presto Stantest offers a broad range of Top Load Tester with customized specifications which are capable enough for offering stable and repeatable test results to assess the quality of the products efficiently. The range of Top Load Tester includes Top Load Tester Digital, Top Load Tester Computerized and Top Load Tester for Jars. The testing instruments are designed in compliance with various test standards. To check the entire range of Top Load Tester with detailed specifications and features, consult our experts.