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Analyze The Best Quality Of Your Packaging With Top Load Testers

PET bottles need to be of prefect quality as they are used for packaging of food items and drinks. They are also used for packaging of chemicals too. If the quality of the PET bottles is not up to the mark, it can cause the leakage of the products that have been packaged inside them. After packaging when these PET bottles are sent for transportation or warehousing, there is a heavy load exerted on them. This load is exerted on them from the top and hence this can easily crush or burst them. In order to avoid this, it is essential to test the strength of the PET bottles to bear the load exerted on them from top.

top load tester is a testing instrument that is used in PET industries to assess the ability of Pet bottles to bear the load applied on them from the top. For testing, a lot of 12 bottles is taken and is tested one by one. After obtaining the test results from all the bottles, an average of the test results is calculated, that is considered as the final top load bearing strength of the bottles

Presto offers a wide assortment of highly precise and accurate testing equipments and top load tester is one of them. The instrument is manufactured in strict compliance with international standards and hence it is completely applicable to international industries to. The instrument comes complete with an instruction manual and adherence certificate which can easily be traced to any NABL certified laboratories.

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