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Compress To Analyze The Buckling Strength Of Pet Bottles With Top Load Tester

PET products are used in a wide number of applications like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, etc. Hence, it is the duty of the manufacturers of PET & Preform industry to test the quality of the PET Bottles, before supplying it to the customers. In order to ensure the safety and the quality of the product, it is necessary to pack the product in a best quality container or bottles. PET bottles are fulfilling this requirement on a wide scale. PET bottles are best to save the products from various environmental factors and to keep the products hygienic. With the high demand of PET bottles, testing needs of PET bottles are also increasing day by day.

There are numerous testing instruments which are used in testing laboratories and PET & Preform industries to test the quality of the PET Bottles. One of the best testing instruments is Top Load Tester. It is widely used to test the compression strength of the PET & Preform Bottles and containers. In this type of testing, the bottle is placed under a compression load and it is continued until a major amount of deformation is found in the bottles. After the deformation occurs, the force exerted on the bottles is recorded and the compressive strength is determined. The test procedure is widely used to determine the suitability of the PET products for particular application.

Presto offers high quality of top load testers which are capable enough to provide stable and repeatable test results.

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