How to Measure the Top Load Strength of PET Bottles?

How to Measure the Top Load Strength of PET Bottles?

PET and Preforms have acquired a huge space in the market which shows tremendous growth in PET and preform industries in last decade.  There is a remarkable increase in the demands of PET bottles and containers for packing different products due to several reasons. The PET containers have offer best means of packaging over the conventional packaging options such as corrugated boxes, paper bags, plastic bags and many more.

Why are PET Bottles used?

PET bottles are used on a large scale as they offer best and safe means to pack various food products such as drinks, jams, sauces, beverages, etc. without any fear of spillage. The PET bottles are strong enough as compares to the paper bags, cardboard boxes and offer better safety to the products especially at the time of storage, warehousing and transportation. Moreover, the shelf life of the products is very long. Hence, there is no need to think about the spillage of the PET products due to internal, external impact factors.

Why should PET bottles be tested?

Due to the huge demand for PET containers and PET bottles, the manufacturers of PET bottles produces large batches of PET bottles to satisfy the requirements of the clients. In the quality controlling quest, the manufacturers sometimes ignore the point of quality which is crucial for the products. While producing PET products in huge quantity, it is essential to keep a strict check on the quality of the products right from the raw material inspection till the end product is produced. It is important for the manufacturers to test the strength and quality of the products by measuring various properties of the PET bottles such as leakage, bursting pressure, top load strength and many more.

Top Load Tester for Quality Assessment of PET Bottles one of the significant testing machines which are used in PET industries to test the quality of the PET bottles and containers is Top Load Tester. It is widely used to test the maximum amount of load that a bottle can bear to its maximum when increasing amount of force is applied to the PET products. The test also helps to measure the compressive strength and bursting strength of the bottles.

How to Perform Top Load Test?

In a top load test, the test sample us placed in the jaws of the machines and constant amount of load is applied to the jaws that compress the bottles in a downward direction. The load is applied to the bottles until it is deformed and changes its shape.  Apart from top load test, several other tests are also performed on PET bottles such as moisture analysis, section weight analysis, perpendicularity test, eccentricity test and many more.