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What is the Role of Bottle Cutter in Getting Precise Section Weight?

Section weight assessment is a process in which the PET Bottles or containers are cut into three sections – top, middle and bottom. After slicing, the sections are weighed separately to check if they are as per the industry set criteria or not. This verifies their manufactured structure is right or not, will they be able to balance their weight while in standing position etc. But all this depends on how precise the weighed sections are cut. If the sections are sliced inaccurately then it will also create interference in the weight assessment and will deliver faulty results. Hence, it is very important to cut the bottle section very accurately.

The Hot wire bottle cutter is a highly proficient machine which is used for cutting PET Bottle or container of varying shapes and sizes. It helps technicians to prepare the test specimens for section weight analysis. The machine is equipped with many useful features. It has variable voltage meter which manages and control the electrical changes happening in the machine and help in delivering the exact amount of energy for heating up the cutting wires. The heating temperature is displayed on the digital screen in digital format. The accuracy of these reading is so much reliable that the user can be assured that no tampering can be done with the results. There is a bottleneck holder for clamping the neck area of the bottle. It can be loosened and tightened with the screw method.

The wires used for cutting are high-grade Kanthal wires. It is known to be the most renowned material used for having sharp and accurate cuts. The machine has a flexible clamping structure which holds any size of the bottle. No need to be indulged in long waiting for getting the machine ready for the process. It has a rapid heat up mechanism which makes the wire instant red hot when it’s time to cut the sample. The wires are also easily adjusted as per the length and width of the test specimen. One can cut the range of sizes at one single platform. The cutting wire tension can also be adjusted with features given.  The machine is also available in two wire and 3 wire configuration as per request. The heating level of wires can also be chosen from low, medium and high.  Can test bottles of diameter up to 130 mm.

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