Buy Bursting Strength Tester – Best for your Industry

Buy Bursting Strength Tester – Best for your Industry

In textile industry, bursting strength test is performed on the fabrics to assess the strength of the raw material to be used. Equal stress is applied from all the directions. This testing process is gaining popularity widely. For fabrics like knitted, non-woven, sacks, nets, laces etc. are tested to assess the strength in intended working conditions. It is important to test the materials as they are prone to wear and tear. It the modern technique to assess the properties of the fabric.

A fabric tends to fail due to pressure applied when a pressure is applied to it. This is because of low breaking extension of the strength of the strands is low. When same pressure is applied from all directions, the bursting happens. The sample can fracture from anywhere, not necessarily from the weak points.

How to perform the bursting test?

Certainly, this test cannot be performed manually. You need a standardised machine to do the job. A bursting strength tester is equipped with all the features to calculate the bursting strength of the fabric. In this test, a sample is clamped over a rubber diaphragm, neither too tight, not too loose. A hydraulic pressure is applied to the sample via rubber diaphragm. The medium of hydraulic pressure is glycerine. The pressure will be applied to the sample until sample bursts.

Standard Operating Procedure

  • Clamp the sample on the machine with nominal force. Neither too tight nor too loose. If the sample is tight, it would already be experiencing some pressure from the machine itself. If it is too loose, it would slip as soon some pressure will be applied to
  • The pressure to be applied is set in the machine.
  • The machine will apply the pressure up to 40 kN/mor until the sample burst.
  • The medium of hydraulic pressure will be the rubber diaphragm.
  • The pressure required to burst the sample will be recorded.

Why Presto’s Bursting Strength Tester?

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