Significance Of Measuring Bursting Strength Of Corrugated Boxes

Significance Of Measuring Bursting Strength Of Corrugated Boxes

Packaging of the product plays a significant role to define the quality of the products which can further help to maintain the quality of the domestic products unaffected and safe by any kind of interference and external impact. Moreover, the major functionality of the packaging products is used to make the product appealing in front of the customers. If the appearance of the packaging product is not up to the mark, it can degrade the quality of the products and also affect the buying decision of the customers. Due to all such reasons, it becomes very crucial to ensure that the packaging products that are being used for the products is of supreme quality and hence, help to enhance the appearance and safety of the products.

Apart from the producers of the product, the manufacturer of the packaging product has also need to ensure that every packaging material they provide to the customers complies with high-quality standards and are capable enough to serve the need for which the product is manufactured. With the help of high-quality of testing device and instrument, the producers can best assure that the material they are using to manufacture the end product is of the utmost quality and will offer the best safety to the products. There is a broad range of testing devices that are used to perform material testing and are used by the manufacturers of packaging materials for quality assurance.

Importance of Measuring Bursting strength of Corrugated Boxes


Bursting Strength of a corrugated box is the major property that explains the quality, strength of the material and explains the suitability of the particular application. It is a fact that products that most of the products fails due to the force which is applied to them at the edges or elbows as compared to compressive or tensile forces that are applied to the specimen. This leads the specimen to burst. The bursting strength of the materials can be tested efficiently with the help of high quality of testing machine i.e. Bursting Strength Tester. The instrument is widely used to assess the maximum force that a packaging product can bear to its maximum.

How to test the Bursting Strength with BS tester?

During the test procedure, the test sample is placed on the testing machine, and sufficient amount of force is applied to the sample with the help of rubber diaphragm. The force which is applied to the specimen is increased with the increasing rate until the test sample burst. The instrument is equipped with the load sensor that quickly sense the maximum pressure at which the specimen burst and display it on the digital screen. This test is possible with the help of Bursting Strength Tester to make the packaging products burst proof.