Presto’s Bursting Strength Tester – The Best Deal for Packaging Industry

Presto’s Bursting Strength Tester – The Best Deal for Packaging Industry

Packaging industry uses various kinds of materials for different varieties of packaging. Depending upon the contents to be carried, the packaging material is decided. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide the product in best shape and quality. Good packing ensures the safety of product during transit and storage. One of the commonly used material is paper. It is used as a standalone material and to form corrugated cartons. To deliver the high strength of the packaging, it is very important to ensure the bursting strength of the paper. Manufacturers can easily do this by using bursting strength tester, which is widely used in paper testing laboratories and quality check labs.

This machine determines the pressure that a sample of paper can withstand. This testing is done by applying hydraulic pressure to the sample via rubber diaphragm. The pressure is exerted until the paper burst. Or the sample is tested against a predefined pressure and hold it in the position to check if it can bear the continuous pressure or not. The pressure applied on the sample is measured, calculated and displayed on the screen.

Using the bursting strength value, the bursting factor can also be derived.
Bursting Strength = (Bursting Factor x GSM)/ 1000

Salient Features of the Bursting Strength Tester

  1. This machine can be used to calculate the bursting strength of different materials like paper, cartons, fabric, leather, rexine, etc.
  2. The machine comes in various models, with manual clamping, pneumatic clamping, computerised model and many other.
  3. Glycerine is used as medium for applying hydraulic pressure
  4. This machine is very easy to operate and complies to testing standards followed worldwide.
  5. Microprocessor based screen for easy data reading


Specifications of Presto’s Bursting Strength Tester

  • The maximum pressure that can be exerted is 40kg/cm2.
  • Least count is 0.1 kg/cm2.
  • The machine complies with testing standards IS 1060, IS 1966, TAPPI 810, EN 20187.
  • Different models available are Analogue model, a digital model, digital computerized, Pneumatic model, and pneumatic computerized model with printer.
  • Electrical power supply requires is 220 volts, 50 Hz AC.

With the estimation of bursting strength of packaging material, the manufacturer can guarantee quality and successful delivery of the consignment. The packaging company can ensure that content packed in the carton will ensure the safety in the extreme physical conditions which it is intended to bear. Further, it helps a lot in reducing the cost of wastage and rejection.

Packaging plays a crucial role in different industries. Without good packing, the manufacturer cannot guarantee the successful delivery of the consignment to the client. A packing faces different kind of stress including physical and environmental. This may lead to damage of inferior packing. This result in rejection. This has given rise to the demand of testing instruments so that manufacturers can estimate the behaviour of the packing in real working conditions. It is incumbent to test the quality of packing materials like paper, fabric, cardboard, etc. 

Why does a packing fail?

The common reason for this is an inappropriate strength. If a carton is designed to carry lightweight, at no cost it can safely deliver the heavy materials. The failures occur at the point of transportation and handling. Tension and compression are another reason for failure. Different tests can be performed to assess that behaviour. For determining the strength, a bursting strength tester can be used. It gives the exact value of the pressure that a sample can bear. With the use of right testing instruments, manufacturers can easily make the packings appropriate for intended applications.

From where to get a Bursting Strength Tester?

Presto offers multiple models of bursting strength tester

  • Analogue Model
  • Digital Model
  • Digital Model with Pneumatic Clamping
  • Computerised Model with Manual Clamping
  • Digital and Computerised Model with Pneumatic Clamping
  • Digital and Computerised with attached Thermal Printer

Presto offers this machine at very competitive rates. Designed to deliver high accuracy and precision, the machines are made in compliance with international testing standards. It comes with a calibration certificate which is valid for 1 year. Our post delivery service is our USP which you can bank upon. Presto has been leading manufacturer and supplier of testing instruments in India and Asia. With the experience of 30+ years, we are now very well aware of the pain areas of the manufacturers. We help them deal with the everyday challenge of delivering high-quality product. This ensures the cutting down the cost of wastage.