Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge Testing Assures The Quality Of Pet Bottles

Bottle Wall Thickness Gauge Testing Assures The Quality Of Pet Bottles

The PET bottles are useful for packaging the liquids, chemicals, beverages, medicine and drugs. This means it requires in our day to day life. In this busy world, the handy products are on demand. Handy means that we can pack and take with us.  The materials used to pack the food items or beverages must pass all the safety standards, therefore, the packaging quality of a product is important. The material must be safe and hygienic for the health point of view. It is the responsibility of PET industries to test the quality of PET bottles so the customers use the high quality goods.

The bottle wall thickness gauge testing is performed to test the quality of the PET bottles by checking the thickness without changing its shape and size. The machine is used to check the thickness of non-ferrous materials like plastics, glass, PET & Preform, water tanks, aluminum and many more.

MagnaMike 8600 – The Best Testing Equipment

Presto offers testing instruments in Bahrain that is a high-quality gauge widely used in PET industries to test the quality of the PET bottles. The device measures the thickness of the walls to ensure the uniformity of bottles. Quality of PET bottles can be maintained by testing the wall thickness so the best quality and strength is determined.

Presto designed and manufactured the MagnaMike 8600 for Bahrain. All the national and international standards are followed for MagnaMike 8600. Call our experts for any query or information about the testing instruments, Bahrain.