Best To Measure The Intactness Of Bottles

Best To Measure The Intactness Of Bottles

PET bottles have a great importance in the national and international market. They are used mainly for packaging of a variety of products such as chemicals, food items, pharmaceutical goods, etc. It is significant to pay keen attention to the quality and strength of the products so that they can provide the best level of safety to the products that are present inside them. If the quality of the PET containers is not perfect, it will be considered as a major threat to the freshness and safety of the products. The major problem with the PET containers is that the lids of the bottles easily get opened during transportation or warehousing if they are not packed appropriately.

Procedure to test the Quality of Bottle Lids

The Bottle Torque Testing Machine is an ideal testing device which is used to verify the integrity or tightness of the PET bottles, containers, and Jars.  The product offers the maximum amount of force which is required to open the lids and caps of the PET bottles. At the time of the test, the container is placed between the two jaws. After the sample placement, open the cap manually. The load sensor of the instruments automatically records the force which is applied to the cap of the bottle to open it or to close it. The force which is applied to the caps offers equal and opposite reaction force on the clamps which are recorded on the load sensors. This helps to determine the actual force which can open the lid of the container.

Best Key for Measuring the Tightness of Bottle Caps

Presto Stantest, a leading manufacturer and supplier of “Bottle Torque Testing Machine”, offers premium quality of bottle torque tester which is used for testing the quality of PET bottle caps. The testing machine designed on the basis of the standards that are provided by various standardization authorities.