Best Box Compression Tester for Better Quality Product Supply

Best Box Compression Tester for Better Quality Product Supply

Best Box Compression Tester for Better Quality Product Supply

For storage and transport, the products and goods are packed in cartons or corrugated boxes after production. These boxes have to bear some forces and pressures during these processes. And, any damage or deformation can result in loss. Therefore, to avoid such losses because of the damage or deformation, it is good to ensure the strength, compression, and durability like quality traits of the box, cartons & fibreboard. The Box Compression Tester by Presto Stantest is the best testing instrument that helps to determine the quality index of containers.

Presto is the most trusted and valued manufacturer & supplier of testing instruments in India that has more than 30 years of experience in the market. The company strives to serve the best quality testing solutions with the help of the research and development team, and marketing team.

Standard Certification of Box Compression Tester By Presto

The Box Compression Tester by Presto is available with global certification as a fact; they ensure the best measurement of compressive strength and stacking. It is available with the following standard certifications

  • ISO 12048
  • ASTM D4169
  • ASTM D642
  • JIS Z0212.
  • TAPPI T 804

Other Technical Features of Box Compression Tester

  • The Box Compression Tester is equipped with a Microprocessor-based control panel.
  • It delivers accuracy in the Load cell.
  • These tools have Single-phase power and direct-current drive
  • You will get a Dynamic digital-display
  • This machine is available with Overload protection and maximum stroke protection
  • You will get an error alert for safe test operation
  • It is available with TARE and Peak Hold operation/facility

Collaborate With Presto – Leading Company for Testing Instruments

Presto has a benchmark in the market of testing instruments because of its more than 30 years of experience, practice, and deep knowledge. The company has been deliberately working to meet the market challenges for different testing tools. That is why, Presto brings hi-tech testing machines that are best in quality, precise in design, accurate in results, and competitive in rates. You will get the ethical business deals, timely delivery, expert assistance, and services, like business benefits while collaborating with the company. Get in touch with the technical experts at +91-9210 903 903 or send your query related to the testing instruments at