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Presto presents Polariscope Strain viewer, a high quality testing instrument that is used for checking quality of PET preforms. It works on the principle that any change in the refractive index of a material indicates strain in that material which affects the quality of the material.

Presto offers two models of Polariscope for preform equipment namely, Polariscope DX and Polariscope Computerized that are made from best quality of raw materials for long service life and high level of precision. Presto offers a variety of sizes and designs Polariscope for glass and preform according to requirements of our clients.

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Presto’s Polariscope is a strain viewer for glass and PET Preform that is provided with a metallic base and is painted in autumn gray and blue color. Along with that, it is also provided with zinc/chrome plating which provides the equipment, excellent resistance from corrosion. A user manual and calibration certificate is provided with the instrument which is traceable to Labs approved by NABL. With these features and specifications, Presto offers a robust and precise solution to check the quality of the PET performs used in plastic industry and that also on very competitive prices.

  • 1) Polariscope DX (PPS-400)

    The Polariscope DX model is supplied complete with:

      • Preform Defect Chart (optional)
      • The viewing field size of the instrument is 260x260mm
      • The overall size of the instrument is 445x280mm
      • The testing machine requires power consumption of 220/240V.
      • The approximate weight of the machine is 20 Kg.
    2) Polariscope Computerized (PPC-203)

    The Polariscope computerized model is supplied complete with:

      • Complimentary Preform Defect Chart
      • The viewing field size of the machine is 260 x 260mm
      • The size of the instrument is 445 x 280mm
      • It requires power consumption of 220 / 240V
      • Approximate weight of the machine is 25 Kg.

    1) Polariscope DX (PPS-400)
    • The Polariscope Strain Viewer is easy to use testing instrument.
    • The machine comprises of two sources of high intensity lights :
      • Bright white illumination
      • Monochromatic light for defects which are ignored by the white light.
    • The viewing area is open from three sides to easily place the test specimens and clear enough to view the samples easily.
    2) Polariscope Computerized (PPC-203)
    • Comprises of high resolution camera with integrated software that provides high definition pictures. Standard reference defect pictures preloaded with software for easy reference.
    • The computerized model offers special pick & place feature that helps to place pictures of test preform with standard picture.
    • When a user clicks on the defects – the reason for the defects along with the suggested action is automatically reflected in the report.
    • The test report depicts company logo, batch, lot no., date and time along with checked by details. The report can be saved on the desktop of the computer for future reference.
    • A superb model with high quality optics for clear and sharp view.

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