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Muffle Furnace

MF - 4 (900)

Presto’s muffle furnace is used to evaluate the ash content of a test sample. The percentage of ash in a component provides vital insights into the properties of the material. The instrument is designed keeping in mind IS and ASTM standards. The testing instrument is widely used in various fields like agriculture, metal treatment, medical research, agricultural, rubber and wool industries.

Coming up with the elegant design, the range of muffle furnace are easy to operate and install. Just send your desired process temperature and digital controller will heat and control the furnace automatically. Our furnace models are designed for various applications like ashing various types of organic and inorganic test specimens and mold heating, etc. The muffle furnace is shielded with thermal efficient products for energy and cost saving operations.

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2 Reviews of Muffle Furnace

  1. nikhil kumar
    23 Dec, 2015

    I love the design of the muffle furnace and it is really simple to operate. I am happy with the working procedure of the machine and allows to set the required process temperature. This makes the testing procedure easy.

  2. Gurmeet
    29 Jan, 2016

    An excellent ash content measurement tool, standard design and great option for the rubber and wool industries. Muffle furnace provides great result.

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