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Moisture Analyzer


Moisture analyzer is an ideal instrument used to measure moisture and the amount of dry mass as well as the consistency of fixed and volatile substances with high accuracy. The testing instrument is highly used in the industrial sector to analyze adhesive materials, woods, mass, dusts for the production and control of materials. The measuring system of moisture analyzer is integrated with all the advanced properties of modern balance. In addition to this, Presto offers an extensive range of testing machines for moisture determination.

Presto’s Moisture Analyzer is fitted with halogen heating with precision weighing technology to effectively, quickly and accurately assess moisture content of the test sample under the test procedure. It is perfect for chemical, pharmaceutical and research industries for getting accurate and consistent results.

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    • Display: LCD (Digital)
    • Moisture Range: 0.01% to 100 %
    • Repeatability (Std. Dev.): 0.05% (3g sample) – 0.015% (10g sample)
    • Temperature Range: 50ºC to 200ºC
    • Pan Size: 90 mm Diameter
    • Heating Source: Halogen Lamps

    • Fully programmable Digital Model
    • Ergonomic operating controls
    • Thermogravimetric based technology for checking moisture content
    • Data output on LCD digital display
    • Built-in library of 50 test readings can be accumulated
    • Display with all test data during dry process
    • Built-in RS 232 communication interface
    • Faster rate of heating with halogen dryer
    • Easy storage and retrieval of test data
    • User-Friendly menu driven system for selecting test parameters and performing the test
    • Inbuilt Calibration facility

2 Reviews of Moisture Analyzer

  1. Nakul Deewan
    18 Dec, 2015

    I was looking for the premium quality of moisture analyzer and an affordable device from last 2 years that can offer me accurate results. I have about the product. It is simple amazing. It is easy to use device and helps me to measure the percentage of the moisture present in the content accurately. Simple superb! I willd efinitely recommend the product to my friends.

  2. Tripti
    25 Dec, 2015

    I had a great experience of using the moisture analyzer I get the 100 percent effective result for my product. The machine is advance and helpful.

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